By: Matt Setlack

Overall Rating:  92/100

Ratings (out of 10):

  • Comfort: 9.5
  • Fit: 9.5
  • Responsiveness: 9.0
  • Speed: 8.5
  • Ride Quality: 9.5
Adidas Aerobounce ST - Matt Setlack - 1.JPG

The Good

  • Lightweight upper
  • Toe box is nice and snug, feels like a sock fit
  • Comfortable and cushioned ride
  • Appearance. I LOVED the colourway and the blue/white contrast of this shoe.
Adidas Aerobounce ST - Matt Setlack - 2.JPG

The Bad

  • Minimal ventilation. Breathability could be improved upon as my feet were quite warm.
  • Weight comes in at 312g, which is slightly heavy
  • Tread/outsole performance was not sufficient and lugs did not grip well on anything other than a dry, clear road.
Adidas Aerobounce ST - Matt Setlack - 3.JPG


MRSP: $110 USD


  • Heel Drop: 10mm
  • Weight (oz): 11oz (Matt Setlack’s Men’s US Size 10.5 were measured to be 658g per pair, which is exactly the same weight (to the gram!) as the New Balance 1080 V8)
  • Heel Height: U/K
  • Forefoot Height: U/K
Adidas Aerobounce ST - Matt Setlack - 5.JPG


The Adidas Aerobounce ST is a cushioned, neutral running shoe ideal for dry roads, track or treadmill. The Aerobounce ST has an EVA midsole using BOUNCE, which provides a springy, stable and cushioned feel. I really loved this shoe, with each step my foot felt like sprung back up. I felt like the Aerobounce ST was noticeably superior than pretty much every other running shoe I have ever worn. This shoe is a game changer.  



The Adidas Aerobounce ST is plush and spongy shoe. While the Aerobounce ST had a flexible and cushioned mid-sole it provided moderate ground feel. The Adidas  “Pro-Moderator” added to the heel for medial support gave balance, comfort and minimal stability. Engineered lightweight mesh provided moderate breathability and my feet were quite warm. The upper felt warmer than the Brooks Glycerin 14 upper while running indoors. However, while running outdoors, I could definitely feel the wind coming through the upper.

Adidas Aerobounce ST - Matt Setlack - 4.JPG


While the forefoot may be too snug for those that prefer a wider toe box it provided a nice snug, sock-like fit, similar to a high performance racing flat. There were no issues with blisters or chafing.

Adidas Aerobounce ST - Matt Setlack - 6.JPG


The BOUNCE mid-sole cushioning technology, supported my foot well, popping back from heel to toe off. Upon landing the Bounce provided a really comfortable plush feel, while at the same time providing a really nice springy and bouncy return. The toe area is flattened with minimal volume compared to most shoes I have worn.

Adidas Aerobounce ST - Matt Setlack - 7.JPG

The BOUNCE mid-sole cushioning is the softest, most responsive running shoe material that I have ever run on. An interesting thing happened while running in these shoes; while running easy/slow, the sole provided a soft cushion but as I ran faster, I felt like the sole cushioning stiffened up and gave me a more responsive return (it was kind of like running on a swimming pool filled with starch and water). I am extremely impressed with this sole material.


A good lightweight, versatile shoe that held up well for mid to long runs. I wouldn’t wear this shoe for tempos or intervals; it is designed for easy runs. I was surprised at how speedy the shoe felt given the cushioning and weight. Although the tread was good on dry surfaces like the road and treadmill, it did not perform well on mud, snow and sandy surfaces. The lugs (or lack of lugs) are too minimal resulting in a less versatile shoe. The tread did not have a lot of grip and the shoe easily slipped while running on anything other than bare dry pavement.

Adidas Aerobounce ST - Matt Setlack - weight.JPG

The weight of the Aerobounce ST was measured by Matt Setlack to be exactly the same as the New Balance 1080 V8 (658g per pair for Men’s US size 10.5). However, the Aerobounce ST felt A LOT lighter on the foot while running. Also, the weight of the Aerobounce ST was more heavily distributed towards the heel area compared to a more “traditional” shoe, which seem to have a more forward center of mass (right in between the forefoot and heel).

Ride Quality

The Aerobounce ST had an extremely smooth ride and moderate ground feel. Heal comfort was springy and plush and felt very nice on landing. The outsole features minimal updates to the previous year’s model, with minimal outsole treads that gripped well on dry roads. However, running on even a little bit of snow caused the treads to immediately fill up with snow and the shoes lost almost all grip. When this happened, it felt like I was wearing curling sliders on my feet or running on a treadmill with the belt slipping on the rollers. The cushioned ride gives a springy and stable feel upon landing. There was a very fluid movement (flow) while running in these shoes from the point of landing to the toe off.

Adidas Aerobounce ST - Matt Setlack - 8.JPG

These shoes were the quietest shoes I have ever worn and I believe this is a result of the efficient design for the heel to toe transition. I could barely even hear my own footsteps, even while running on concrete.